Its almost a year since my best friend went from my live and i miss him dearly
Its been a very long year and it hasn’t been easy for me and suppose for his family, I say his family because,I say this with a heavy heart, because since my best friend has died (my husband) there has been no contact from his family ie, sons grandchildren sister not anyone I’m at fault too I haven’t been in touch with them I try for Gordon’s sake
What will happen on Thursday……….. I have no idea but I will buy flowers

I would like to say one thing ….. I hope you (Gordon’s siblings) remember him not for the whiskey or the vino just remember him as a great man that wanted only good for his family he loved you all
I know i will never be the same my live has finished I just exist


are you ready for winter………

Yes I am, well almost, it’s just the sun is still shining here in Italy it’s chilly in the evenings but the sun shines through the day

I went to visit Antonio (my 80 year old friend) this afternoon for a glass of of vino or should I say 2 or was it 3 I don’t remember…. joking aside it was an eventful afternoon I have arranged for him to come and chop some wood for me and I will make him some fig jam (well I’ve made it already)

Had a good chat about the single woman or should I say the single widow and the Italian man and lust for single what evers
Thank goodness I have 3 lovely dogs that will at any cost protect me (their big softies really but don’t tell anyone) as long as I’m with them they are ok if not well good luck to them……….

I have lots of photo’s of things that I have been up to so I will attempt to upload them

But for now Buonasera tutti

Sound of birds singing

Every morning when I get out of bed and open my doors all I hear is bird song, its a sound of summer and it makes me feel good and all is right with the world ……….

Until you get in the car to go shopping and it won’t start dead battery again, only had a new one 6 weeks ago, so I called the garage and they can’t get here until 4 this afternoon….. So I have to raid the kitchen cupboards for lunch umm what do we have ah yes pasta and a jar of tomato sauce from last years tomato harvest parsley from the garden as is the onion nd garlic…. so lunch is sorted …. and still the birds sing………..  

In the garden

So we have started sorting the garden out ready for planting, the potatoes are starting to come up picked one of the garlic’s yesterday to see how far they are and they are almost ready to be picked which I’m glad about because I’ve nearly finished last years

So I’m going to start planning my area for planting on my garden planner it’s a lot of fun and helps to get the most out of your veggie plot 

I will also put some photos on when have sorted them out

Have a great day everyone!!!!